Sopar de Cuina Estrambòtica a Girona amb el xef Jordi Cruz

The well-known and mediated chef Jordi Cruz with eight Michelin stars, will celebrate with Fòrum Territori the first meal of "Bizarre cuisine", a transformation into dishes of the surrealist paintings of the painter Quim Hereu. A unique event. COMING SOON.

The cuisine of the kings of the Interior of the Jungle · Les Magnòlies & L’Aliança

Two friendly families from Selva with a long gastronomic tradition come together to offer a four-handed dinner, based on all the resources of La Selva. From a region of sea and mountains, fishing, hunting and mushrooms, forests and fruit trees, agriculture and livestock, water and wine, biscuits and ratafia, which in less than an hour lets you climb from 'a beautiful Mediterranean beach up to 1,705 meters from Turó de l'Home and Les Agudes. With the help of the Fòrum Territori, Neus Fradera and Víctor Torres, and Cristina Feliu and Àlex Carrera, a new generation of jungle hospitality and young chefs, historic restaurants, will prepare a meaningful and unique meal. FINISHED EVENT.

Fòrum Territori - Espai del Peix

A gastronomic trip led by Antoni Abad, patron saint of the Roses brotherhood and president of the Catalan Federation of Fishermen's Guilds, who will explain the secrets of the fishing gear and how to face the future of the fishing world. He will be accompanied by Quim Casellas, chef at the Hotel Restaurant Casamar in Llafranc, who will discover, through the kitchen, little-known species from the Empordà coast. FINISHED EVENT.